Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Childhood Memories

I have spent so much time in the past few years thinking about my future children. Imagining what they will look like, what their favorite things will be and how they will experience childhood. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up and I always think about the ways in which I can share with my kids all of the amazing things about childhood. For me, growing up was truly magical and I was so incredibly devastated the day I was finally forced to realize that certain things were more alive in my imagination than in reality. It was on that day, when I was about 10 years old, that my mom told me about the magic of parenting. She said that once you have children you get to live all of that wonder and adventure all over again through their eyes and it is even better than the first time. Since then, I have known that being a mom was the most important thing I could do and the thing I have most wanted.

But since I do not yet have children of my own to share and create memories with, I thought I would do a survey I have seen around, and take the time to share some of my childhood with all of you. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to help my children in creating their own wonderful memories.
  • Where/when you born? I was born in December 1982 in Key West, FL but grew up in and around Orlando.
  • Were you born first, second, etc.? I am the oldest, I have a sister that is 2 years younger than me. We were very close growing up. We played together all the time and used to sing each other to sleep.
  • What was your first pet? As a child we only had fish. I remember specifically my favorite fish, Tyson. Then when I was in high school I got Angel, my bunny. He was the most amazing house rabbit ever, litter trained and everything!
  • What were you for your first Halloween? I think I was a witch but the first Halloween I really remember was when I was Minnie Mouse. I had a Minnie doll in a green dress that I used to sleep with and I wanted to be her.
  • Was there a gift you really wanted for Christmas that you never received? I used to ask Santa for a white kitten with blue eyes, a pink nose and pink ears every year but I all I ever got was a stuffed kitty with the same description.
  • Did you have any imaginary friends? According to my mom I had a few, the ones she remembers best are Punky Brewster and Pinocchio. I used to play with them all the time.
  • What were your favorite books? I loved all the Golden Books, I had tons of them. I also loved "Goodnight Moon" and "Caps For Sale". The first chapter book I remember reading was "Freckle Juice", I really liked that one.
  • What did you wanna be when you grew up? I had a list but mom and actress were always at the top of it. I did a lot of acting in high school and college but now that has faded, motherhood obviously has not.
  • Favorite after-school, never-missed shows? I loved Disney afternoon- Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Gummy Bears, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. I also really liked Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. I still know all the songs for those shows!
  • What was your favorite toy? hmmm I don't know that I had one. I remember more the made up toys. Specifically, my bathroom sink. I used to use it as a cauldron or science lab, depending on the day, and I would make potions and science experiments. I really wanted a chemistry set as a child but I got a microscope instead. Oh I also loved my bike! I enjoyed being able to roam the neighborhood and search for adventure.
  • What was your first best friend's name? My kindergarten best friend was named Stephanie. When I was 10 I met my best friend Coco, and we are still best friends today. It is so amazing to have someone in your life that knew you way back when.
  • Broken any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid? I have never broken a bone but when I was about 12 my friend accidentally hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Luckily, it was a small cut that didn't need stitches.
  • Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero? A little of both. I also liked to play office, school, witches and wizards, and cops & robbers. I also used to do plays quoting lines from my favorite movies and things I had picked up from Romeo & Juliet, always forcing my sister to play the supporting roles.
  • Were you romantically involved with someone as a pre-teen? I had a couple of "boyfriends" when I was that age but I would always get nervous and avoid them. I had one huge puppy love crush in middle school though and I still have the stuffed bear I named after him.
  • Did you get along with your parents growing up? My parents got divorced when I was 13 so it was mostly me, my mom and my sister. My mom and I definitely had some tough moments during my teen years but we got along for the most part and now we are best friends.
  • Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities? If so, what? I was in drama club all through high school and I was the morning announcement anchor during a lot of high school as well.
  • What was the first record, tape or CD you remember buying? I had a lot of records of kids music and the ones that came inside a book so that you could read along. But the first tape I bought was The New Kids on the Block- yes I still know a lot of those songs too lol
  • Did you ever fall in love with someone in high school? Yes, I had a crush on a boy that I never thought would notice me but then one day he did. We dated during my senior year. It was my idea of the quintessential high school relationship.
  • Did you enjoy your childhood? I absolutely loved it.


Waiting Lisa said...

The beginning of this made me cry.

I loved Golden Books too, hehe :)

BabyWid said...

Great survey - I might have to borrow it! :) I too was in drama!!

I want to pass a blog award on to you! :)

Courtney said...

Oh Holly *hugs* you will get to see life through your childrens eyes, I know you will.

2011 will be a better year for both of us dear friend.

Amber said...

Okay, the part about the kitten broke my heart a little! I'm sorry you never got your kitty!

We'll get our chance. And 20 years from now, our kids will fill out these surveys and we'll read them and look back fondly at the time when we thought we'd be kidless forever.

I'm with you in spirit!

Tiffany said...

I loved your memory lane!

WannabeMom said...

Cute post. You're going to be such a good mom and make some really fun memories for your kids!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, and may do the same thing on my blog. This really took me down my own little memory lane. I truly hope you get to share these memories of your childhood with your own son or daughter very soon.


Tillie said...

I <3 you! you are a wonderful person and I cannot wait for you to share these things with your little one! I am soooooo going to borrow this from you :)

I loved reading and read all the golden i loved disney channel and watched all those shows too! crazy how much our lives were similar!

Ashlee G. said...

I saw this on another blog that "stole" it from you. I'm going to "steal" it as well. Hope thats okay!

mikroenjeksiyon said...

was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing.