Sunday, January 31, 2010

RE Appt Part 1: A New Hope

Well our last try with the OB was a bust so it's on to the Reproductive Endocrinologist aka RE. Having to seek a specialist's help definitely conjures up a mixture of emotions. Part of me is hopeful that this will be just the thing to get us to where we need to be and fulfill our dreams of becoming parents, and part of me feels like a failure for needing this extra help. But I was still eager to meet with a doctor sooner rather than later which is why I was so grateful that my insurance provided me with a list of in network RE's and I found one that could not only get me in the same week, but the doctor also has stellar reviews from past patients on yahoo local. Of 18 reviews, 17 gave him 5 stars and the 18th gave him 4.

After meeting with Dr. Lee on Friday, I can confirm that those reviews were well deserved. His staff his friendly and helpful and he is hands down the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with. Chad and I both clicked with him instantly and felt very comforted by his manner and approach. We discussed all of our previous testing and Dr. Lee proclaimed Chad to have "super sperm" as he has higher than average count and motility, something that definitely put a little smile on Chad's face. We also reviewed what we've done up until this point and then I had a little visit with wandy. Never my favorite part of any doctor visit but Dr Lee made the process more comfortable for me and was very good about showing us both what was on screen and explaining everything. He then assured me that my ovaries are "fantastic" and my eggs look good enough to be used for donation. Needless to say, Chad and I both felt pretty good about our reproductive odds after hearing that both our basic baby-making ingredients are in tip-top shape.

The problem was still my tubes. It was figuring out how much of a hindrance they are that was the we needed. Dr. Lee couldn't see any problems with my tubes on the ultrasound which is a good sign but he wanted to review the HSG films with us and get an accurate picture of what is happening with my plumbing. So he instructed us to get a copy from the radiology office and come in to review then with him and then discuss our options.

We raced out of there and had the films within half an hour. Unfortunately, Chad had to get back to work so we couldn't review the films the same day but we were able to schedule RE appt part 2 for Monday morning. It was wonderful to leave that office feeling hopeful again. We know that there will still be work to be done but it's great to know that despite our challenges we actually do have some things going for us. And it's great to know that we have a doctor that seems to really care about our success. I am showing my geek side here, but I feel like Dr. Lee is our Luke Skywalker, using the force of his experience and passion to defeat the dark side of our fertility and help us to have a baby. Well at the very least, he has definitely given us new hope that we will succeed soon.


Lisa said...

I totally understand the mixed feelings of wanting help and feeling like a failure....the negative begins to lessen and the hope remains :D

Tiffany said...

Yay! Holly that's so great! It's so wonderful you feel like you are being put in such capable hands. I know the feeling of oddness when you have to "ask for help" but that's totally natural. Very excited for you!

Anonymous said...

It is so great that you have a great RE! I cannot imagine going through this journey with a less that great RE-it would be so much more stressful.

Praying that you get a BFP in 2010!

Kate said...

I am glad you found an office you are comfortable and happy with. It makes such a HUGE difference to feel confident in those caring for you. Hugs!

The (Type A) Nightmare said...

I was right there with you. I was terrified to go to the RE. Epic failure, right? Wrong! I wish I'd gone to the RE earlier. Love him! Seriously the best decision I ever made. Can't wait to hear how Monday went.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when we had our first RE appointment. I felt like a failure having to ask someone for help with something that should be so easy and natural. Glad your appointment went well. Good luck!!