Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Due Time

Today is April 2, 2011. I have been reciting that date for nearly 9 months, every time someone asked me when I was due. And here it is, the official due date. My daughter on the other hand does not seem especially interested in such dates or predictions as she has given no indication that she is in a hurry to join the outside world yet.

My last appointment with Dr. Casual was Wednesday and we learned that Snow Pea has definitely dropped into position but other than that progress has still been slow. I was dilated about 1.5cm and still not fully effaced. There was enough progress though to justify stripping my membranes again. It was definitely not the most comfortable experience, but we were all hopeful it would work. As you can tell from the subject of this post, it didn't have the desired effect so now I have an office appointment this upcoming Wednesday to evaluate induction options. Unless of course, she decides to come on her own sooner, which of course we're all hoping for.

Unlike my labor progress, Snow Pea's growth progress has not been so slow. According to the ultrasound measurements she is keeping up with the half pound a week weight gain and was measuring 8.5 pounds. Which means if she does indeed stay put until Wednesday there is a very real possibility that I will be giving birth to a 9 pound baby! Being born at less than 7 pounds myself, I never would have expected this, but I know I won't be the first to deliver a 9 pound baby and honestly her size doesn't worry me when it comes to labor any more than if she were 6 pounds. It is really the clothes I can't stop thinking about! I have the greatest homecoming outfit specially made for Snow Pea by a wonderful friend from twitter and there is a very good chance she will never fit into it. But really I know that I could bring her home in a potato sack and I wouldn't care because it is HER I am dying to see, not her cute, tiny clothes.

Snow Pea though, does not seem nearly as anxious to see us as we are to see her. I have the distinct feeling that is just nice and cozy in there and doesn't feel like moving yet. Her daddy is the same way when he is comfortable, he just doesn't want to budge and he is incredibly stubborn about it. I can't count the number of times I have heard him whine "just 5 more minutes" only to find him in the exact same position half an hour later. Even though I can't actually hear Snow Pea's voice yet, I get the sense that she is doing the same thing. She would come out, she is just way too comfy right now.

Watching my due date come and go without her arrival isn't exactly what I was expecting or hoping for but I do know that she has to come eventually.
There are only so many times she can hit the snooze button before she really does have to get up. I wish I had met her days ago, but the day is coming, it will happen and it will be amazing whether it is today or 3 days from now. She can't stay in there forever, right?


FirstTimeMom said...

I'm sorry that you have now joined the over due club! Alex (my LO) was a week the day. We induced and STILL had to go and get him via c-section. No matter how it happened though, as you said, I was supper happy to see him and thankful that he was healthy and safe. Even if he was late and STILL didn't want to come out. I hope and pray that snow pea decides to come out on her own.

Anonymous said...

Babies don't come on due dates, they come when they are ready. Inductions are harmful. Doctors dont know everything and they certainly dont know when your baby is completely ready to make her debut. The estimated weight of your baby is just that, an estimate that is almost always exaggerated. I have absolutely no medical experience, but I can't assure you your baby won't be 9lbs. Talk to any mom who was told her baby weighed Xlbs and you'll learn the baby really weighed less. Please do your research on inductions prior to Wednesday.They lead to a series of other complications in labor. The most important being, they often lead to time in the NICU for your baby. Healthy babies are born at 42 weeks all the time, especially to first time moms.

Only anonymous because I'm not really interested in reading your response that will likely be defensive. Can't blame you for that. Best of luck with the birth of your baby.

Kelly said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something happens before the end of the day!

And anonymous...why post a comment on a blog if you aren't interested in reading the original poster's response?

Ana said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Snow Pea decides to make debut soon. (Hopefully before Wednesday).

I think you have a great attitude about the situation. You want to meet her but can wait for her to ready to meet the world. You are amazing.

To anonymous......why comment if you do not want to read the original poster's response?

Holly said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I'm glad that most of you understood my post and that I'm excited to meet my baby girl on whatever date she decides to arrive :) even if it is at 42 weeks.

Courtney said...

All I can say is, my Mother was a week early and the Dr's told her the baby would be 9lbs and she was 12lbs.

If you have no medical expertise Anonymous then maybe you shouldn't come here spouting off like you do. Pregnancy in itself can lead to complications and they do not often lead to time in the NICU. Babies mostly go into NICU's if they have breathing problems or other problems or are born premature. Maybe you should go back and do YOUR research.

Holly, you do what YOU need to do. You have a certified medical team for a reason so that you don't have to listen to jackasses who hid behind an Anonymous post.


TTCfoodie said...
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TTCfoodie said...

My son was born via induction 12 year ago. He is perfectly healthy. I will agree that that his weight was a bit exaggerated- OB/GYN said she thought he was closer to 8 lbs, but was born 6 lbs, 10.5 oz. I am a petite 5'1", so she was concerned about his size b/c of that & we wanted to avoid a c-section at all costs. He had no breathing problems, was never in NICU. And he has had no major health problems throughout his life (but I also contribute that mostly to breastfeeding ;) ).

But, I don't recommend induction if you can avoid it. I feel mine wasn't necessary now, but I was young and he was my first pregnancy and I did what my doc suggested. It wasn't a pleasant birth experience- hooked to an IV the whole time, wasn't allowed to walk around much, had to get a nurse if I needed to use the restroom, couldn't eat anything for well over 12 hours... And because of those things, I will avoid an induction if at all possible with my next successful pregnancy.

Hopefully Snow Pea makes an appearance on her own! :) And Anonymous is wrong. Sometimes babies do not know when to come out and that can cause other health problems, complications. So, trust yourself. Trust your OB/GYN if she deems it medically necessary for you and the baby.

Holly said...

As you know, both of my babies were induced (a week early!) and my labor progressed quickly. I was in the hospital a matter of hours before I met both of my kids. Checked in at 10am and was holding my sweet precious one at 3pm. Same with my first born. I fully trusted my doctor's opinions and felt safe and cared for. Thankfully, you would never know either of them were induced by looking at them now (or even moments after they were born.) You do just exactly what you and your dr feel comfortable doing...nothing more and nothing less. I have a friend who birthed a 12.6 lb baby...he is 12 years old and looks perfectly proportionate...same with 6lb babies...My point it, whatever will be, will be! Hang in there my sweet SIL! I love ya! Whatever the case I am WAITING WAITING by my phone waiting for it to ring with the happy news!!!!

heartincharge said...

Snow pea, we want to meet you! maybe some more labor cookies ...

Chasing a Miracle said...

Thinking of you! I have been all weekend :D

Whatever happens just trust in your doctor and have faith that your beautiful baby will be happy & healthy... Everything happens for a reason, & to be honest if i hadnt had to have a csection & i was past my due date i would have bought a trampoline & bounced my baby out!

I defiantly think some more cookies are in order (labor cookies or not - just some cookies!)

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before, but wanted to say Good Luck! Two of my three labors were inductions, and both were easier then the "natural" labor! Not saying induction is the way to go, just that it is not always a bad thing. Also, all three weight estimates pre-birth were correct within 8 ounces, and my last one was measured at 6.9 and was born the next day weighing 6.9. As long as your tech knows what she is doing, she should be pretty accurate! Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents! Hope you meet your little one very soon!

Andrea said...

Get back to eating those cookies and drinking that tea woman!

Thinking of you!

Princess Andy said...

probably it's the last thing on your mind, but sex will certainly give labor a kick in the right direction;)

i tried everything from cod liver oil to orgasms...but your baby will come when your body is good and ready. and if you need help and possible induction, trust your doctor and your gut. they've both got you this far.


good luck!