Monday, January 31, 2011

What A Pain!

Wow the last few days have been rough! It all started late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning when I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible tooth pain. It was BAD. And being pregnant I could only take regular strength Tylenol, so sleep was very hard to come by. I was luckily able to get in to see the dentist first thing that morning. I was nervous about what would be needed and how it would affect Snow Pea, but I had a note with instructions on dental care from my OB and the dental staff was very concerned about taking every possible precaution for me and baby. I was in pain but at least I was being well taken care of.

After as few X-rays as possible, the dentist determined I would definitely need a root canal, as I had suspected. He prescribed me an antibiotic and scheduled me to see the specialist the following morning. The rest of the day was still pretty rough since I couldn't take much for the pain but I somehow managed to fall asleep and make it into see the specialist the next morning. I tried to relax as much as possible which was especially tough considering I have a long time anxiety issue when it comes to any kind of dental work. I used to have to take anti-anxiety meds just for a cleaning! Luckily, I have been getting better and the staff once again did all they could to put my mind at ease.

Unfortunately, I couldn't explain what was going to Snow Pea, and once the drill started she began moving like crazy! I can only imagine how shocking the loud sound and vibrations must have been to her. Poor thing must have been so startled and confused. Once it was all over I could feel her calm down considerably though and the good news is the hard part is now over. I do need to go back for a build-up and crown though but there is much less work involved at those appointments.

So no more tooth pain, yay! But of course that just meant a new pain was headed my way because by the end of that night I had developed a different kind of infection thanks to the antibiotics that are treating my tooth. Many of you ladies probably know what I am referring to as I know that many of us suffer these infections from time to time, especially when the natural "good" bacteria in our bodies dies off and things get out of control. If you're not sure what I am talking about, all I will say is that it is downright miserable, especially when it starts on a weekend and you have to wait until Monday to see your OB to do anything about it.

Today is finally Monday, so I was able seen this afternoon and hopefully the prescription I received will have me back to normal very soon. I especially hope to be back to my old self my the weekend because Chad and I are planning a mini "babymoon" weekend. We love to travel and plan to continue our trips and excursions with our daughter, but this will be our last chance to spend this kind of time together as a twosome and I am really looking forward to it.

Since I was already in the office, the NP decided to do my bi-weekly check as well and everything is still right on target. I have lost some weight since my last check up which made me a little nervous at first but she didn't seem concerned about it since my measurements are all right where they should be and showing healthy growth. I am thinking it is must just be the normal fluctuations of water retention, which has me convinced my bloggy friends were right when they said that regular weigh ins during pregnancy aren't necessarily the greatest idea.

She used doppler instead of an ultrasound to check on Snow Pea so I don't know what position she was in, but even if we had seen her I bet she would have moved completely an hour later. She does not stay still! She is not just kicking in there, I can feel and even see her moving and rolling over and flipping from side to side. The other night she was curled into one side of my belly and totally changed the shape of it from round to some sort weird oblong, oval. Then last night she seemed to be fist pumping into the side of of tummy as Chad and I watched the little bump rise and fall repeatedly right next to my belly button. I thought she was moving a lot before but now it really does look like she is trying to break free through the front of my stomach. It is crazy to feel but even crazier to watch! I can't believe how much of it I can actually see.

Since she was so active and so clearly close to my skin last night, we decided to listen to her on our doppler and for the first time since we got it, I heard her actual heartbeat and not just the whooshing sound of blood moving through her body. Both sounds are effectively the same thing and I love them both, but this was especially exciting because the noise was so distinct and so clear! It was so similar to the sound you hear when resting your head on someone's chest except a heck of a lot faster. It definitely took me away from my pain and frustration for those few minutes listening to her heart thumping.

Tomorrow is dentist appointment number two of three. I am looking forward to being one step closer to being 100% pain free but I am hoping that any drilling that needs to be done will be at a minimum for poor Snow Pea's sake. I hate being at the dentist but I hate having to put her through it along with me even more.


Nikke said...

Glad you were able to get your tooth fixed.
I've been dealing with a nasty wisdom tooth infection, waiting for it to go away so the dentist can yank them.
I know the pain!
Glad Snow Pea is doing well and have fun on your little trip before the arrival!

manymanymoons said...

Just think, maybe the little one will find that drill sound comforting as an adult because she will have been exposed to it so early. :)

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Katie said...

YUCK! I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I absolutely hate the dentist, and there's nothing worse than tooth pain (or the, um, infection that came after!). I hope you feel better soon and you get to enjoy your babymoon this weekend!

Not There Yet said...

I don't know if you get "those kind" of infections often, but my midwife just recommended Florajen - an over the counter product that helps to maintain the good balance of bacteria in your body - like eating a lot of yogurt! She takes it everyday - PG or not PG.

The Gimlins said...

Sounds like a rough few days. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Holly said...

So sorry, Holly. That is a PAIN! Saw that you called the other day. I had 2 screaming kids at the time. :) Will call soon! LOVE YOU!