Friday, September 17, 2010

Graduation Day!

I can't believe this day has actually arrived, our last visit to Dr Jedi before officially moving on to the OB. Knowing we would be seeing Snow Pea today, both Chad and I were very excited for this appointment but it was also bittersweet to be seeing Dr Jedi and his staff for the last time. As amazed and grateful as we are to have reached this milestone and be officially released as a "normal" pregnancy, we have felt so comforatble and cared for with our fertility clinic I kind of wish we didn't have to go.

Dr. Jedi was very excited to see Snow Pea and show us how
much growth had happened in the last week. Today I am 11 weeks 6 days and blown away by the little person I have growing in there! Snow Pea is over 2 inches long and about the size of a lime. There was lots of moving around and it was incredible how much more controlled it seemed than last time. We could see a sweet little ear, a steady heartbeat, the stomach, brain, spine and ten tiny little fingers waving hello! It was unbelievable. I still can't fully wrap my head around the fact that this amazing little creature is inside my body right now!

After taking some pictures of Snow Pea we talked about our plans for additional prenatal care and of course coming back one day so that we can give Snow Pea a sibling. The nurse loaded me up with a stack of information and graduation swag, and reminded us to come back with Snow Pea this Spring. I asked if we would be able to schedule that with them so that no one would be in the waiting room because I would hate to upset anyone. It's a small practice and we have never been at their office as the same time as anyone else, but I still don't want risk causing anyone any pain. She was very understanding and said she couldn't wait to see all three of us in 6 months. Wow, 6 months. Just half a year until we hold our sweet little Snow Pea in our arms!

But we do have those 6 months and of course a little thing called labor and delivery to get through before we are able to do any baby holding. Which is something I think about a lot lately. (and something I plan to blog about soon) I really want to be sure we choose someone to take us through these next stages that is as wonderful as Dr Jedi was at getting us to this point. He has been truly wonderful from day one at our 1st consultation, to the decision to begin IVF, through every wanding and transfer, during the heartbreak of losing Sprout and then starting again with FET. He and his staff have been supportive, attentive and caring through every single step of this process and I can't imagine anyone else having helped us reach this point. I only wish he could remain with us through the rest of the journey and deliver Snow Pea in addition to helping us create him or her.

But since we did have to say good-bye today we didn't have to go without some really great graduation gifts. In addition, to the stacks of magazines and the cute little planner we got this:

My new favorite movie!

In addition to seeing the fingers and organs I mentioned earlier, you might notice an interesting name on the screen, just below the Seimens header. Chad and I were left alone with the machine for a minute before the ultrasound started and silly boy that he is, he added "Dr Jedi" to the screen. That is not his real name but I kind of love that our nickname for him is forever imprinted on our 1st baby video.


lowfatlady said...

Congrats on graduating and thanks for two reasons. One reason is I have always wondered what is in the bag when someone graduates from the re's lol. Second, I have seen many sonogram pics, but I have never actually seen a video of one and a baby moving in it. So exciting. Congrats again.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a great post. I will continue to pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. You seem to be almost at the same point as my sister. She is due April 7th.


MarfMom said...

hooray! i can imagine that moving on to an OB is really bittersweet, but no denying you've got one cute baby! :-) only a few weeks till you feel snow pea start bopping around!!!!

The Gimlins said...

Congratulations on your "graduation"! The photo and video are great! I understand your emotions in letting go of Dr. Jedi for right now and moving on to your OB. I felt the same way in leaving our fertility clinic. It felt wrong that after all their effort and support in getting us pregnant they didn't get to finish the journey with us, per se. We did, however, send them a birth announcement when our son was born, and of course, we're back with them again now that we're looking at cycle #2, so we didn't have too much time to miss them.

Just be sure you find an OB you like as much as Dr. Jedi. :) A good doc is priceless!

Chasing a Miracle said...

i am so happy for you! i can remember our 12 week scan with george and it was so unbelievable to see a little human bouncing around inside!
Words cant express just how excited i am for you, knowing what you have been through to get to this point... If it hasnt been said already, i just know you are going to be the best parents ever, and i cant wait for the day in six months time when i get to read about the miracle in your arms - trust me its going to come sooner than you can imagine!
Lots of love

Miracle in the Making said...

SnowPea is dancing!!! I loooove snowpea!! Congratulations on graduating sweetie!! so so happy for you!!

Ashley said...

Congratulations on graduating!! So happy for you!

Tiffany said...

(Pretend the graduation song is playing in the background) Snow Pea looks absolutely perfect! I love it's cute little profile and sweet little ears that you can see! I'm so excited for you Holly! Congrats to moving on to your Ob, and congrats to almost being in the second trimester!! So exciting!

Amy said...


Although I don't have my own blog (but keep considering it), I caught yours many weeks ago and have been following along. It caught my attention because our "journeys" are almost identical. Our FET transfer was just a few days after yours and I kept hoping for good news for us both. I love reading your blog because we're taking every step at the same time (although I'm due April 6th, so you've got me by a few days) and feeling the same realm of emotions. I actually cried when I graduated from the familiarity and safety of my RE's office.

I just wanted you to know how much I love reading, how excited I am for you, and how anxious I'll be to see both of our journeys turn from one of infertility, to one of motherhood.

PS-And, by the way, Snow Pea is just adorable in that video. Love it!

Amy W.
Orlando, FL

T said...

Very cool! I cannot believe how much you can see of the baby already. That spine pic is pretty amazing!