Saturday, February 11, 2012

Double Digits Make Me Sappy

To My Precious Ellie Belly,

I can't believe that you're 10 months old already and the 1st anniversary of your birth is so quickly approaching. In so many ways it feels like only a moment ago that your daddy and I were still clinging to hope and each other in the midst of the pain and challenges in our journey to become parents. That time in my life is always still right there, reminding me of just how amazing and blessed my life is now that you're in it. As real as the pain of life before you will always be, the reality of life with you is something I can't imagine I ever existed without.

It's only been 10 months but you have grown and changed so much since you were born and I am already so proud of the person you are. You are so sweet and loving, always happy to share a smile with a stranger or giggle with a new friend, and you seem to make new friends everywhere you go. I've never seen such a happy, friendly baby. The world really is your play place and your squeals of excitement are music to me.

And speaking of music, you are quite the music lover and have been since day one. You dance and bounce to any rhythm you hear, finding music in the everyday sounds of crinkling paper or a trash can being dragged over a bumpy walkway. And the more you learn to do with your voice, the more I've heard you sing. In your crib after a nap, in your car seat running errands or anytime you're in need of entertainment, you love nothing more than to sing to yourself and even when I can't see you, I can hear the smile in your voice.

Of course, being the vocal baby you are, happiness isn't the only reason you like to raise your voice. Yes, you may scream to get what you want but you know what you want and you are very quickly learning to sign to get your way. I love seeing your face light up with excitement and pride when you perform the sign for "more" and realize that a fresh serving of kiwi is front of you.

You're also developing a love of books and reading that I am quite proud of and hope stays with you for life. You will drop everything to sit in my lap for ages when you hear or see the word "book". You are a great page turner and flap lifter. Your favorite book is still "Goodnight Moon" and you demand the switch to that one if I read anything else at bedtime. You know it so well that when playing with a copy, a friend caught you turning the upside down book right side up before flipping through the pages all on your own.

Each day brings new challenges, new joys and even more love than the day before. Not long ago someone said they would never do what I did to become a parent, that they would never go through the challenges and rigors of IVF in order to have a child. I fully respect that opinion and I know that the path your dad and I chose is not for everyone, but I would do it again and again if it means I get to be your mom. You are my miracle and these past 10 months have been the happiest of my life. Although I am in no hurry for you to grow up, I look forward to enjoying each new day, month and year of life with you. I love you, Snow Pea.

Love, Mommy

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Stephanie said...

Sweet letter to a sweet baby girl. It's crazy her birthday is creeping up already!